Welcome and Blessings!

Life happens, that’s a fact.
Life happens to us, with us, and all around us.


Is your life seemingly one BIG challenge after another with every day spent in SURVIVAL mode?

Do you know all too well that feeling of being adrift, alone, as if someone else is steering YOUR life?

Are you feeling stuck and unhappy, unsure of how or why and confused about how to change those feelings?

Are you yearning for peace and joy?  Would you like to remember what it feels like to be in love with life like you did when you were younger before the complications of adulthood showed up?

Is there a part of you that KNOWS there has to be more to life than the daily struggles yet you don’t know where to find answers and help?

What if you KNEW you had the power to create the future you have always dreamed of?  Would you be willing to take a leap of faith in YOU?

Are you ready to begin the journey of your Personal Revolution?

Then there is a world I want to invite you to.  A world in which YOU can deliberately create the life YOU desire, the life of YOUR dreams.

Click HERE to schedule your complimentary 30-minute session and we will explore the possibilities of working together to create your new state of being.  Let me help you become someone who is just itching to color outside the lines!




Shenomenal Women is all about inspiring women and young girls to be the best expression of themselves that they can be, today and everyday; to know that by breaking the emotional attachments to past experiences and beliefs that no longer serve, you can move into a new state of being – your greatest self!